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I am particularly interested in how different cultures approach breastfeeding and the different myths and beliefs that have evolved over time. I have written this book, which is illustrated throughout with beautiful, realistic and diverse pictures, to inspire, inform, educate, entertain, support and soothe young mothers-to-be, their partners, family and friends. Practical advice, based on latest research, is offered on what to expect, how to overcome common difficulties that may arise and is interspersed with interesting multi-cultural anecdotes and stories. It encourages support by partners, families, healthcare workers, communities and workplaces, so that the mother is given both psychological and physical help during the transition to motherhood.


Readers' Praise

Straight From the Source

Rich and well-researched, the culturally curious will be captivated

Jo Parfitt, expat author and publisher at Summertime Publishing

 I remember wanting to see something like this after overcoming a really difficult start to breastfeeding. It’s a validation of why it was worth the heartache!

Vicky Mariner, NCT Counsellor

It was definitely useful for me to read as a soon to be new mum. Baby is due in the next few weeks, we are very excited for him to be here soon. The book has helped to solidify my decision to breastfeed.

Ronnie, mother-to-be

Reassuring, incredibly informative and full of wisdom. This book is a gem for all mothers as they embark on their breastfeeding journey as well as all those supporting them

Natalie Carstens, 

Maternity, Birth, Newborn Baby and Family Photographer

NICU Photographer for Stichting Earlybirds

I especially enjoyed reading this book. I would recommend pregnant women and their support persons to read this book. It is best read at leisure, before or during pregnancy... I really like the warm and positive breastfeeding photos and support information. Overall I really like this book. I would love for millions to read it!

Colleen S., IBCLC, RLC

I love it! It looks so professional, crisp and easy to dive into!

Andrea Anstiss

Psychotherapist and Holotropic Facilitator

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